Adoption support

ZO! adoption support is for problems and questions relating to origin, and attachment disorders.

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For a child, adoption is a separation from a previous world and an introduction to a new one. It puts everything in a new perspective. Adoptive parents consciously choose to connect with the child. They make every effort to achieve this. A child also naturally wants to bond with permanent caregivers.

Yet experiences from the world before and around adoption remain important. Being given up, merged with a new family and growing up in a different environment are additional tasks for an adoptee. It also raises questions; what if I had stayed there, is my information true, what should I do with all the comments everyone makes……

Everyone has their own pace and makes their own choices. For some people it takes a back seat. For some it is constantly present.

Sometimes it is so drastic or a period is so drastic that further development does not get off to a good start. Normal phase problems (for example during puberty) can also be more extreme during adoption. There can be good relation between parents and child, but the dynamics of adoption, identity, arguments at home and independently become more intense. Being adopted places additional demands on your development tasks and can have an influence for a long time

Adoptive families

Adoptive families are both ordinary and special. They are ordinary families because they may experience issues identical to other families; and they are special because a deeper layer may be involved in these ‘ordinary issues’. This deeper layer originates from the former world and the mere fact of adoption. The confusing factor in this may be that the issues resemble ‘ordinary’ issues, for which an ‘ordinary’ approach has a temporary effect, or none at all. Focusing on the causes of the issues and finding a solution for them results in a new balance that allows the child or the young person and the rest of the family to move on.

Adoption support

At ZO! we work from an Adoption Sensitive Treatment. We pay attention to all aspects surrounding adoption. It doesn’t have to be about it, but it can’t not be about it either. We use treatments within an adoption-sensitive approach.

Treatment is possible through for example parent counselling, differentiation & phase therapy, child therapy, Therapeutic Parenting, CONNECT partengroup or EMDR. For young people and adults, coaching or therapy, basis therapy and EMDR may also be considered. In some cases, we start by carrying out a psychological examination.